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Hello Readers,
This is the update after the second Charter Friday since creating this blog. All is well.

Thank you for reading.
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Hey guys,

Check out this link and be sure to vote. It's a really important issue to me at Charter, and I want to make sure that our voices are heard!


RE: Members lounge lit [towerpost]

Redacted redacted@redacted.redacted
Apr 14 (4 days ago)
to redacted-spam
Dear Friends,

I present to you all my crowning achievement of this Charter Friday, a tower so tall it made tower members cry, a tower so tall that god feared it would reach the heavens and was forced to smite it, a tower so tall that ti bros bent their heads in worship. I would like to thank everyone that contributed. First and foremost my mother for the love and support she shows me. Next I’d like to thank Conor and Rachel for staying by my side in the members lounge when no one else would. Finally I’d like to thank John’s friend from out of town, Paul. that drunk guy was so impressed with what I was working to accomplish that it gave me the confidence I needed to follow through. Without further ado I present to you the accomplishment of a lifetime, and my pride and joy:


Your Friend Redacted


They say if you love something you should let it go, and at 1:10 am on 5/14/2018 I had to do just that, something no architect should ever have to do to his baby. I said goodbye. Sleep well fair child. You will not be forgotten.

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